Steven Litas is the proud owner of Padbury Pharmacy.

He took over recently from his father Alex, after a partnership that stems back more than 20 years, and has been proudly serving the community ever since. Steve’s passion for health, happiness and family has set Padbury Pharmacy apart from other pharmacies, and has instilled his personal values into his staff.

Over the years, Steve has made a name for himself and maintained the Litas legacy by providing the highest level of service to all customers who walk through the door and by stocking all of the best products one could ever hope to find in a pharmacy. Steve has taken his Dad’s passion for running the pharmacy and looking after people, and evolved it into the place to go for Mums and Babies. His colic mix has taken the local community and the internet by storm, assisting in settling babies down who are struck with colic. Mums and Dads all over Perth have been in to see Steve for this awesome mixture and also receive timely and relevant advice from staff. Off the back of this successful product, the wider community will have easier access to Steve’s colic remedy under the new brand name “by Steven Litas”.

Padbury Pharmacy has also been extended to include a new concept café called Alex Jnr. This is obviously inspired by Steve and Simone’s adorable son Alex, named after Padbury’s founder and Litas family patriarch, Alex Snr. The hype surrounding baby Alex has always been palpable in the Padbury Pharmacy family, with plenty of blogs and ads covering what he gets up to! The purpose of Alex Jnr (the café, of course) is to provide a collaborative space for Steve to engage with parents and babies, offer seminars and information, and set up a space for people to relax and socialise. This will further reinforce the trend that is seeing Padbury Pharmacy and Steve himself becoming synonymous with a healthy, happy baby, and bring out the best in our little ones.

One thing that will not change at Padbury Pharmacy is the world-class service that our customers have come to expect each and every time they walk through the door. As evidenced by positive reviews all over the web, and the repeat business of countless customers, the products themselves are only a part of the appeal to choosing Padbury. Our excellent staff have always been an amazing group of knowledgeable, friendly and caring people, a small family who are the reason we have enjoyed success down the years. This offers that something extra that sets us apart from other pharmacies, as customers know that if they want genuine, personalised, expert advice: they come to us first.