#StevenSays Welcome!

If you think that you’re going to find the stereotypical pharmacist in a white coat, typing away behind his computer screen, then I am proud to say that you will be somewhat disappointed.

My name is Steven Litas and at Padbury Pharmacy I have worked hard over many years to create an environment where we know your name, genuinely care, and trust you will feel comfortable.

In the next few weeks one of the most amazing and significant events of my personal timeline thus far will occur as my fiancé, Simone and I eagerly await the arrival of our first child. This will really give me an opportunity to even more closely connect to the hundreds of new mums and dads who rely on my help and advice for their new babies. Newborns and child health has become my passion and niche to the point where colic and reflux have become topics in which I am renowned for.

I find myself talking about colic almost everyday so thought it fitting to start my blog with a series of posts on all things colic. I’ll share my personal and professional advice on some of the underlying factors which may contribute to colic, as well as strategies to help assist and treat not only bub, but mum too!

I look forward to keeping you all informed about everything and anything that Steven thinks that his merry band of followers will look forward to reading and leave you craving for the next episode.

Keep a watch out for, StevenSays coming to entertain you all very soon.

Yours in great health,