Lactation Consults

International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant’s Bundle and Me are now running personal Lactation Consults from Padbury Pharmacy.

This service is tailored for new mothers experiencing trouble or difficulty with breastfeeding. Bundle and Me specialise in all aspects of breastfeeding, including optimal positioning for a pain-free latch, tongue ties, cracked or damaged nipples, slow weight gain, colic, low milk supply, and blocked ducts or mastitis.

Bundle and Me consultations offer a range of long and short-term solutions, as well as their very own customised range of breastfeeding products, such as lactation cookies mix, nursing pads and recovery belly bands.

Bundle and Me consults are open by appointment every Tuesday.

Prices are the following:

Initial Consult $150.00

Follow Up $100.00

Combination (1 x initial and 1 x follow up) $230.00

This service is claimable through private health insurance. Please consult your private health fund to check that you are covered. 

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