Padbury Pharmacy - 20 years of health, care and advice

Padbury Pharmacy has been a proud constant in the lives of Padbury residents for more than 20 years. Assisting the needs of both the young and old, Padbury Pharmacy has been passed on through the family with owner Steven Litas taking over from father, Alex. Continuing the Litas legacy of proudly serving the community. Steve and the teams’ overwhelming passion for health, happiness and family consistently sets Padbury Pharmacy apart from others, providing services and products that aim to help every member of your family find their better. 

Padbury Pharmacy continues to break the mould of a traditional pharmacy with the extension and addition of a family inspired concept café, Alex Jnr. Named after Steve and wife Simone’s son, the café aims to provide a collaborative space where Steve and staff can engage with the community. The space is open to all, providing a zone to relax and socialise, with the setup allowing for the added offer of seminars and information for parents and babies. This addition adds reinforcement to Padbury Pharmacy becoming synonymous with a happy, healthy baby. 

Our Padbury Pharmacy family have brought their knowledge, friendliness and care to our business and to our clients. They provide world-class service to each and every person that walks through our doors, demonstrating their passion and willingness to help every day. Our Padbury family has enjoyed great success over the years and we will continue to strive in aiding the community we are greatly proud to be a part of. Whether you’re one of our regulars or just passing through, Padbury Pharmacy offers customers genuine, personalised and expert advice to help you, and your family, find your better.