Infant Colic

Colic and reflux symptoms add unwanted stress and anxiety to the households of already stressed and anxious new parents. The last thing any new parent wants is a baby excessively crying in pain and distress for long periods of time. Fortunately, our trusted healthcare professionals have a wealth of experience in colic and reflux in babies.

Our approach is customised and focused on providing you with personalised relief for your baby's colic, offering support whenever you need it.

Our formula is a mix of muscle relaxants and antacids designed to relieve gut symptoms and is based on a recipe handed down through generations of pharmacists.

Our consultation form will help you determine if The Colic Mix is right for you and your baby. 





Our compounded products feature standardised, approved ingredients to ensure they are both effective and of high quality.


By completing our form, you provide a detailed symptom profile and history of your baby, enabling our pharmacy team to assess if the colic mix is suitable for your needs.


Following your consultation, our pharmacists will suggest a tailored solution for your baby. We are available to discuss the most effective ways to address your baby’s symptoms.


Reach out to us at or call 9401 7101. Alternatively, you can visit our store at Shop 12, 75 Warburton Avenue, PADBURY WA 6025 for assistance.

Why a consult?

  1. All babies are different and have different needs. We need to know your baby’s requirements to ensure you get the best result from our product and service.
  2. Once you understand the underlying reasons as to why your baby may be unsettled, there are many things you can do to help.
  3. Medical and symptom information is needed by our pharmacists to make sure our products are right for your baby.
  4. Once we know your baby, we can monitor their progress and support you throughout the colic journey. Our pharmacists and nursing team are here to support you.