A new beginning

Today marks 9 weeks since that magical day that life changed for Simone and I in the best possible way that we could have ever imagined.

In what was a whirlwind final month of Sim’s pregnancy, our house renovation was completed the day before she went into labor. No sooner had we sat down to reflect on how perfect our new home was to greet the new addition to our family, we were racing to the hospital nervous and yet excited to welcome our son to the world.

After witnessing what was described to me as a “text book labor”, that is virtually never seen nowadays, the level of respect that I already had for my fiancé was taken to a stratospheric new level! She was perfect, calm and so strong for the entire nine months which gave baby Alex every chance to have the best possible start to his life.

Then I heard him cry! Alex entered our lives head first with the most magnificent crop of dark hair that was beyond comprehension. This was an adrenaline filled occasion that was far too exhilarating to put accurately into words! Our lives had just instantly changed, for all of the right reasons. He was perfect, his mother was amazing and all of the surrounding support staff from the midwives to the obstetrician were just consummate professionals.

Simone had looked like she had just finished a modeling shoot were as Daddy looked like he had just gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson!

We had decided on the name Alex for our son from the time the obstetrician had confirmed that our first child was to be a boy. Then as we saw him for the first time, there was no question. It is a strong name that fit him perfectly. The conversation with Alex, my father, his namesake was one I will treasure forever. I was proud to have honored a tradition that has survived the test of time and his emotional reaction suggested that he was grateful and over joyed to have a grandson to carry his name forward.

We were home from the hospital the next morning! A check to ensure that mum’s milk was plentiful and a quick bath for baby Alex and we were on our way. And so the next chapter of the Litas family begins, and I was prepared for the ride of my life!