Be Proactive this Flu Season!

With Flu season fast approaching and a record number of reported flu infections in 2017, it’s time to get proactive about protecting ourselves this year. You may begin to notice an increased number of sick days being used this time of year and that’s because of seasonal temperature and dietary changes. This begins to make us more susceptible to flu like infections. But there are easy ways to protect your immune health this season and fight the flu!


Vaccinate- You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, get your flu vaccine! A simple flu vaccination will help your immune system fight strains of influenza this winter and the recommended time to get the vaccination is autumn (that’s now!).


Keep it Clean- The cold and flu are contagious viral infections and can be spread through general contact. It is recommended to scrub your hands often with hot soapy water and always cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. Practice good hygiene and stop those infectious nasties being passed around the home and the workplace.


Immunity boost- Just because it’s a little colder doesn’t mean you should stop exercising and eating healthy. Yes, we all get a bit too comfortable in winter and crave winter warming foods but try maintaining a routine of at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and a balanced diet of fruit veg, and plenty of water. Winter is the perfect time to switch out hot chocolates for herbal teas and homemade soups! Get creative and have fun with trying new immune boosting recipes.


Pump up the H2O- While you may not feel as thirsty in winter, water is essential for a healthy functioning immune system. Research has shown that those who drink less than 8 glasses a day are more likely to become infected by the flu and find it harder to recover from it. Just like before, get creative and try infusing your own water or drinking fruit infused teas. Ps. Coffee does not count as one of your 8 glasses a day!


Sleep! – How great is it that the flu can be prevented just by getting more sleep? It’s been shown that a solid 7-hour deep sleep can help your immune system rest and recover. Reducing our electronics use 2 hours before bed will encourage relaxation and help achieve those 7 hours of sleep. Another great tip is to use a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow to induce relaxation.


These are our 5 easy tips on being proactive this flu season and staying immune healthy! But if you do catch the flu this year, our final tip would be to use the information above to help boost your immune system but always stay home away from others while you recover. Make sure you stay tuned for our own flu vaccine program, that we will be launching in the coming weeks.