Bub’s First Winter: Steve’s Tips and Tricks

It’s no secret that we’re slowly seeing the end of our Perth summer sun. The days are shorter, the jumpers are out, and the flannelette bed sheets are making their annual appearance. And if you’re one of the lucky new parents out there, you’ve recently welcomed bub into the world and are ready for a winter of endless snaps of baby in beanies and onesies! How cute!


But don’t forget, your precious bundle of joy also needs a little help getting through the colder months. We’ve put together the top tips and tricks from your friendly neighbourhood pharmacist Steve, to help you quell those first winter nerves.


Choose Layers

The general rule for dressing bub this winter, is to dress the same as yourself, plus one extra layer. But the top tip here is light layers! Breathable fabric is always the best option, especially when it comes to bub’s skin. Always look for light materials such as cotton or cotton flannel, and layer up.


And don’t forget about the light cotton fabrics when swaddling bub in their crib. It will allow for a better night’s sleep when your little one can rest at a pleasant temperature, and you will surely enjoy the restful night’s sleep too! Be sure to check the back of the neck to make sure baby isn’t sweating or overheating during the night.


Remove Layers in the Car

Puffer jackets and baby parka’s make for the cutest bub’s around town, and certainly can keep them warm and insulated while outdoors, but it’s important to remember to dress for the temperature baby will be experiencing. If you’re in the car with the heater on, make sure you take the jackets off. It will help bub to not overheat while in the toasty car.


It’s also a safety tip, as thick jackets can interfere with seatbelts and safety harnesses. They need to be loosened to accommodate thicker jackets, risking bub’s safety should anything happen.


Keep Hands and Feet Clean

With so many germs that make their way around during winter, it’s important to keep yourself and bub clean and washed. As an adult, practising regular hygiene is an obvious must, but it’s important during winter to go that extra step. Keep a bottle of hand sanitiser with you to whip out whenever necessary. Your skin absorbs the alcohol very quickly, so there’s very little chance that using it can harm bub!


For your little one, all they need is a simple sponge down with a warm cloth and some light soap. No need for any ‘antibacterial’ specialties, but a simply soft baby soap will do the trick. Gently scrub mouths, hands and feet when you see fit. After being out and about, interacting with other babies, or even after your family has passed bub around for a cuddle! There’s no harm in being extra precautious.


Invest in a soothing and hydrating, fragranced-free baby moisturiser, such as one from our Sukin Baby range, to apply after washing your little one. Winter can really dry out their skin, so make sure you do all you can to keep them hydrated.


Protection is Key

Don’t underestimate the warmth of rugging up the extremities. Hats and beanies, mittens, and booties can all help to maintain a toasty body heat. Plus, with so many styles out there, you can dress bub in the latest winter fashion! Check out some beautiful ranges at Alex Junior, right next door!


Picking up a cover for your stroller or pram is also a small, low cost item that can really help to insulate bub when out and about. It helps protect from rain and wind, while still allowing bub to soak up some fresh air.



Last but not least, as a parent it’s so important to think about updating your flu shots with winter right around the corner. From May, Padbury Pharmacy will be offering vaccination services so stay peeled to our social media platforms for more information over the coming weeks. The best way to assist with your baby’s health this winter, is to maintain your own.


If you have any further questions or queries, don’t hesitate to call us or come on in and have a chat! Our friendly staff will be more than happy to share their knowledge and tips, to put your mind at ease.