Caring for all your loved ones.

Here at Padbury Pharmacy we understand that families are made up of lots of important members. From the kids to the aunties, uncles, the grandparents and of course, your furry four-legged family member! One of the greatest parts about being a pharmacy is the access to medication that helps our loved ones live the best quality of life that they can. Did you know this service also extends to your pets?

A widely unknown fact is that we can actually supply your furry family member with their medication too! Imagine the convenience of running down to grab your script, grabbing a coffee from Alex Junior and also picking up your pets’ medication! Mind blown? Of course, it is!

Scripts that you standardly get from your local vet can be brought into the store and filled just as simply as you would your own. We often see people coming into Padbury Pharmacy with pets who require on-going treatment.

For example, we currently have an extra itchy Staffy that has on-going skin problems, solved with a steroid product, an elderly Jack Russel with arthritis that has an analgesic and an extra nervous Great Dane who needs some anxiety medication! To put it simply, there is nothing that we can’t organise for your pet with their script and even if we don’t currently have it on hand, we have the ability to compound exactly what you need.

If you’d like to discuss options, put into the pharmacy today and talk to one of our friendly staff members.