Don’t Let Your Winter Cold Result in a Cold Sore

Flu season is upon us and that means that you and your family could be more susceptible to cold sores. The herpes simplex infection is really common and affects about 90per cent of adults. The initial infection usually occurs during childhood or young adulthood and remains in the bloodstream for life. One of the main symptoms of the HSV infection is a cold sore.

There are many things that could trigger an attack of cold sores. These include:

-Emotional or psychological stress
-Other infections such as chest infection
-Excessive sunlight

However, one of the main triggers is the common cold. These small, fluid-filled blisters usually form around the mouth can persist for more than two weeks. They are also highly contagious which definitely isn’t ideal for the overall health of your family.

While the infection is incurable, it can be easily managed. This is where Lysine comes in. Lysine is an essential amino acid, which means that it is crucial to our health. However, our bodies unfortunately cannot produce it. Its antiviral components help to prevent the relapse of symptoms of the HSV infection and most people thank it for preventing the outbreak of cold sores which are prone to occur during times of stress or while your immune system is weak.

Some symptoms that you might not be getting enough Lysine in your diet are:

-Reproductive disorders
-Growth delays

Lysine can be found in common foods that are high in protein such as red meats, cheese, certain fish, eggs, spirulina and beans but it’s also a good idea to look into Lysine supplements. We recommend Ethical Nutrients Viral Cold Sore Defence to ensure you and your family stay healthy and 100% this flu season.