Easter Easter Easter

Easter is celebrated across Australia and around the Globe is a variety of different ways, some taking the religious route while others enjoy more of a laid back relaxed celebration with family and friends.

The supermarkets have been reminding us of Easter not long after the supermarket shelves were picked of their last discounted Christmas tree decorations. Hot crossed buns, chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs are on every display possible at the moment. The craze of chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate bilbies, humpty dumpty eggs, boxes of chocolate and every single flavoured chocolate egg possible to gift the kids of Easter is out in force.

However, kids are overloaded with foods high in sugar over the Easter period and we have come across some really great alternatives. Here are some really cool (and healthy) options if you don’t want your young ones overloading on chocolate and sugar this Easter.

Sidewalk Chalk
Whether this Easter basket is for a kiddo or not,sidewalk chalk is undeniably messy—and fun.

Lip Balm
Often a go-to stocking stuffer, chapstick and lip balm also make for a great Easter basket filler

Gift Cards
For a small-sized basket filler with a lot of opportunity, throw in aniTunes gift card.

Chocolate Covered Fruit
For a chocolate fix with a healthy dose of fruit, dip whole strawberries, grapes, or banana slices in melted chocolate.

Easter is during a season change, so it is a perfect time to buy the kids winter pyjamas.

Easter can be fun and still a time of giving without the kids being overloaded with foods that we know aren’t good for them in huge quantities. Keep your kids healthy and happy- what else could you as a parent want for Easter?