Essentials for Your Hayfever Arsenal

This month at Padbury Pharmacy you’ll be seeing the term ‘Find your better spring relief’ being thrown around. This is because hayfever season is well and truly upon us and we want you to find the right kind of relief for your allergies.


To assist you through your eye-watering and runny nosed woes, we have put together the ultimate list of products. These will not only ease the issue but work on improving your immunity and prevention, thus providing a long-term solution. Prevention ultimately is the key to a successful and healthy solution.


Nature’s Own Triple Strength Garlic + C, Horseradish

This potent, herb-based formula is sure to give your immunity a good kickstart by assisting to relieve mucous congestion and mild upper respiratory infections, not to mention Vitamin C to aid in an overall healthy immune system. This product is best used as a preventative measure when the start of hayfever season kicks off. However, the product works wonders while being taken in conjunction with hayfever medication to further improve your immunity.


Inner Health Hayfever Relief

This fridge-free live probiotic should be in anyone’s hayfever fighting arsenal! Another product that not only assists in prevention but also as a solution, it supports the immune system by reducing the frequency and severity of allergy symptoms commonly associated with hayfever including sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, sore eyes and a blocked and/or itchy nose.


Livostin and Zaditen Eye Drops

Itchy, watery and swollen eyes begone! These fantastic eyedrops work to block aspects of your allergic response aka hayfever, to reduce inflammation and make those eyes shine brightly again. The perfect solution for when hayfever has struck you down and you need some instant relief.



Sensease Nasal Allergy Relief Nasal Spray

Are you a chronic sufferer of hayfever? Then this is the product for you! This nasal spray helps reduce inflammation and can not only be used during a hayfever reaction, but you can also begin use prior to the start of hayfever season as a preventative measure.



Non-Drowsy Antihistamines

These tablets are non-drowsy, making them perfect for daytime use, as well as delivering relief for a whopping 24 hours. Tablets such as Fexofenadine and Desloratadine deliver a multi-symptom allergy relief meaning that the standard itchy nose, sneezing and redness of the eyes will all be cleared up in a breeze.


So, there you have it, our top recommended products to help you find your better spring relief. If you are wanting to know more about these products or find the perfect combination for yourself, visit Padbury Pharmacy today and speak to our friendly staff.