Five Ways to Better Your Health All Year Round

Don’t get caught riding the wave of unsuccessful New Years resolutions again this year. Forget the quick fix fads and life changing detoxes. At Padbury Pharmacy we advocate good health all year round, not just in January.

Drink less alcohol
Alcohol is the most widely used drug in Australia according to a report released by the Drug and Alcohol Foundation in 2016. While the culture of drinking daily is on the decline, with the age group with the greatest number of Australians who drink daily at 70+ years, there has been a significant spike in binge drinking over the past decade.

We know, easier said than done at this time of year. However, reducing your intake of alcohol will not only increase your energy and save you money, it will also significantly reduce your risk of diseases such as pancreatitis, bowel cancer and diabetes.

Furthermore, reducing your intake of alcohol will have a long lasting effect in the generations to come, lead by example and create a positive relationship with alcohol for future generation to emulate.

Increase your intake of vitamins
In today’s modern age our diets are often void of the essential nutrients our bodies need for optimal function. Plus, prevention is always better than cure! Increasing your intake of vitamins will not only reduce your long term risk of serious diseases, but increase your vitality naturally without the use of stimulants such as caffeine. Not only is our vitamin wall is fully stocked with trusted Australian brands such as Ethical Nutrients and Swisse, our friendly staff are fully trained in recommending which supplement best suits your health needs.

Buy organic
We’re talking across the board here, food, cosmetics, house hold products – you name it. While we’re not encouraging you to overhaul the contents of your pantry and bathroom cupboards and start farming your own chickens, there is a happy medium when it comes to sourcing natural based products. Organic produce is fantastic if your budget allows, as it ensures your food is free from pesticides, hormones, additives and all those other nasties! However, there is still some debate around whether organic is in fact healthier than conventional fruit and vege. Our rule of thumb is to ensure your diet is rich in naturally sourced real foods and avoid prepackaged processed foods where possible.

In 2015 the Palmberg’s, Sweedish family of 5, switched to organic for a 21-day experiment and not only found improvements in their energy levels and general wellbeing, there was also a huge reduction in the number of pesticides in their bodies compared to the sample taken at the beginning of the experiment where they consumed a conventional diet.

When it comes to skin care and house hold products buying natural is a no brainer. While there is also controversy surrounding the benefits of organic vs conventional cosmetic products, our feedback from customers at Padbury Pharmacy speaks for itself, which is why we continue to stock trusted natural Aussie brands in our skin care range too such as Sukin.

Move your body – walk instead of driving
Whether your fitness goals reflect that of an Olympic athlete, or you simply aim to swap a few nights of Netflix for a gym session every now and then, there’s not a person on this planet who couldn’t benefit from moving their body a little more each day. We’re not suggesting you cut out the CrossFit because you took the stairs instead of the lift on your daily commute. However, the benefits of moving your body regularly throughout the day are endless, and include maintaining a healthy weight, improving your sleep, mood and concentration throughout the day! The best part about ditching the car for a couple of km’s is that it’s sustainable! Just like those gym membership deals this time of year there’s NO LOCK IN CONTRACT PLUS NO MEMBERSHIP FEE! (You can even get a friend to join for free!)

Lower your intake of white refined sugars
We can’t stress this one enough! Long gone are the days where fat was the culprit responsible for those extra kilo’s around the waist. It’s the sweet stuff that’s been sneaking into our diets for the past decades that is really to blame! Sugar has crept up in the likes of cereal, low fat yoghurts, sauces, spreads and a number of other items considered to be reasonably healthy. No wonder cutting it out of your diet isn’t easy. Maintaining a balance diet that includes a healthy dose of protein, healthy carbohydrates and good fats will help those 3pm chocolate cravings!

Forget the weight watcher’s bars and skinny tea’s – in 2017 make a commitment to bettering your health for the long term.