Health benefits of coffee

“You can do it” – Coffee

There are a lot of mixed messages about whether coffee is good or bad for you. Is the glorious little cup of freshly brewed coffee you have in the morning friend or foe? Well, ultimately the answer is friend. There is a plethora of reasons to drink coffee. And hey, if anyone tells you not to have that morning cop of joe, just point them to this article.


1) Post-workout grind

Everyone knows that feeling after a workout when your bones are a little achy and your sore from the over-exertion. According to the Journal of Pain, two cups of coffee has the potential to cut post-workout muscle pain by up to 48%. So next time you’re gearing up to get a workout, make sure you add in espresso time. It also boosts your physical performance!


2) Reduced risk of suicide and depression

In a 10-year study of 86,000 female nurses, it was found that drinking coffee throughout the day actually reduced a risk of suicide. A separate Harvard study found that women who drank four or more cups of coffee per day were 20% less likely to suffer from depression. So if you’re in a stinky mood, just reach for another cup of coffee.


3) Stay healthy and trim

It has also been hypothesised that coffee can help you lose weight, as the magnesium and potassium help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce cravings for sugary treats. It also helps fat cells break down body fat. Win-win!


4) Protect your brain

Your brain is one of the most important organs in your body. You need to protect it as much as you can! Coffee actually reduces the risk of Alzheimer disease and lowers the risk of dementia. So, do your brain a favour, and come down to Alex Junior for a coffee. Coffee can also help to improve cognitive function and help you think more clearly.


5) Stay heart healthy

According to researchers from the Framlingham Heart study, one cup of coffee a week could reduce your risk of having a stroke by 8% and heart failure by 7%. That’s right, your soy cap could be protect your vital organs without you even realising.


6) Antioxidants and nutrients

One of the best and most measurable things about coffee is that it contains heaps of antioxidants and essential nutrients, which means you are getting all of the good stuff from a simple cup of coffee. Coffee contains vitamins, minerals, B complex vitamins and magnesium, potassium, chromium and manganese. Whilst they are only present in very small quantities, this adds up when you factor in a few cups of brew per day.


7) Keep your liver healthy

According to a number of studies, coffee is extremely good for your liver. It can help protect the liver against a number of diseases. Drinking just one cup of coffee per day can reduce your risk of cirrhosis by up to 20%, and drinking four or more cups per day can reduce the risk by up to 80%. Not bad for a couple of ground beans.


And while we’re on the topic of coffee, head down to Alex Junior at Padbury Pharmacy for a cup of amazing coffee! It does all of the above, and much, much more.