Healthy Kids – How a balanced lifestyle helps children grow

It’s no secret that the key to a happy family is good health – nowhere is this more relevant than with the kids. With the kids back at school, it is no secret that the germs are spreading – and spreading quickly. Getting the right balance in the lunchbox and on the table at home is the best place to start, and getting the little ones involved in physical activity is also crucial for promoting good health inside and out. For extra help, probiotics like Inner Health Plus for Kids can be beneficial for maintaining good internal health.

School lunches and after-school snacks are a good place to start when it comes to getting kids on the right track with regards to their health. Keeping added-sugar foods to a minimum is an easy thing to do when packing lunchboxes. These foods can include fruit drinks, heavily processed food and pastry-based goods. These school snack classics can be replaced by far more nutritious options such as fresh fruit, yoghurt, milk, fruit and nut mixes, vegetable sticks and low-fat milk. These inclusions to the recess and lunch break cover a variety of food groups, are low in processed sugar and high in protein. The inclusion of low-GI foods will sustain kids through the day, and reduce the need for snacking on unhealthy foods after school, which contributes further to positive health overall.

The other major part of a balanced lifestyle is regular physical activity, and getting kids involved in sport is a great way to achieve this. Not only does it promote good health at a young age, it also facilitates social interaction, a platform for your kids to engage with others their own age, perhaps beyond their school friends, and create long-lasting relationships. This combination of social and physical wellbeing is great for positive mental health and building confidence – and a confident child is a happy child! Generally, an internet search for sports in your area will return plenty of choices, and your kids might have something in mind that they want to try out. Beyond that, school newsletters, other parents and social media are other great places to start, and you’ll likely have something to get around very soon. So have a chat with your child, see if there’s any sport they’re interested in, and see what you can do to get them involved in it – you never know just what they might be able to achieve.

For extra help in physical wellbeing, there are a range of probiotics tailored specifically to children. One such example is Inner Health Plus for Kids from Ethical Nutrients. This supplement contains an exclusive blend of probiotic strains, and supports a healthy gastrointestinal system. Inner Health Plus for Kids also assists in regulating the healthy flora and friendly bacteria in your child’s body if they have been taking a course of antibiotics. What’s more, IHP for Kids comes in a simple powder form so it can be stirred into milk, water, juice or food if your child is a bit fussy about taking on a powder by itself. This little boost to your child’s system can prove very beneficial in getting them healthy and happy.

Finding the right balance between diet and exercise is the first step for helping your children be as healthy and happy as possible, and is something that the whole family can benefit from. Employing probiotics is also a step in the right direction, and can sometimes be the last piece in the puzzle in getting your child fit and firing for the school year. Small changes can indeed make a big difference, and everyone wants to see their kids looking and feeling great – get stuck into it now and give them the foundations for a healthy and happy life!