Lactation Consults

Have you heard of lactation consults? No, we hear you say? Well then, do we have some exciting things to tell you. Our friends at Bundle and Me are International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) trained Lactation Consultants/Midwives and are happy to share their wisdom with our Padbury family, especially since they will be joining us in store from July!


Lactation services is something that any woman who is breastfeeding might need at one point and time in her life. Bundle and Me specialise across all aspects of breastfeeding including optimising position to achieve a pain free latch, tongue ties, cracked/damaged nipples, slow weight gain, colic, low supply, and blocked ducts/mastitis.


When these problems arise, it can seem like the world is falling down around you. The pressures of a newborn baby, combined with sleep deprivation, can really take its toll on a new mum. But we are here to tell you that these things are totally normal and that a lactation consult can help to resolve these issues!


Lactation consultations offer a world of benefits and provide both short-term and long-term assistance. The consultations offer accredited education and support for women and are relevant for first-time mums, expecting mums or those who may have already had a baby before.


Any breastfeeding challenges that these women are experiencing are overcome by offering tailored plans that help mums of all experience levels achieve their breastfeeding goals. These tailored plans also help achieve the ideal positioning that is unique to each mum and bub. This is an extremely important aspect of the service that Bundle and Me offer, as no two mums are the same!


The consultations also help in the aid of some additional issues including how to help your baby when tongue tie is present. Further to this, colic can also be present in babies who are breastfed. Bundle and Me aim to provide assistance with positioning and attachment to help ease a colicky babies pain. To further add to the growing list of benefits, Bundle and Me can also help provide evidence-based advice for those who are experiencing reduced milk supply or the painful oversupply!


We are so passionate about the amazing services that Bundle and Me offer and we know that you will be too! They also offer a fantastic range of postnatal products including Belly Bands to provide support, Nursing Covers for breastfeeding confidence and Reusable Breast pads, which are environmentally friendly to boot! One of their favourite products includes a Lactation Cookie Mix that aid in increasing milk supply naturally! These can even be made from the comfort of home and when you need them to ensure freshness!


Lactation consults are truly beneficial to mums who need a little extra help with all things related to breastfeeding and their little bundle of joy. We think that with our community of mums and bubs, that Bundle and Me will be your new store favourites (besides Steve of course!). These services will be arriving at Padbury Pharmacy this July, so stay tuned as to how to book and when you can take advantage of this great new service.