Maintaining great health, especially in Winter

It’s harder to stay healthy in winter when all you want to do is stay inside and every second person seems to be coughing and spluttering their sickness all over you! Thankfully, there is plenty of simple ways to ensure your immune system is in tip-top shape to prevent those pesky colds and coughs!

Flavonoids are a nutrient group known for their health benefits. Flavonoids also contribute to the vibrant colours we have naturally in fruit. By eating foods high in flavonoids such as blueberries and elderberries you can help to stimulate your immune system to defend itself and you this winter.

Sometimes despite eating healthy and avoiding all signs of sickness, the common winter cold is inevitable. When this happens, natural medicines high in Flavonoids, such as Sambucol, can fast track your recovery. Sambucol also contains Zinc and Vitamin C, which rounds out this killer combo to speed your recovery and protect your immune system from further attacks.

Available this winter from Padbury Pharmacy, Sambucol can be used safely by adults and children.

Strains of Influenza are already circulating, so act now and focus on early prevention rather than a cure! Come in and see our amazing team now for more great advice on how to protect your family this winter.

Stay strong, keep healthy.