Our Favourite Products for Ultimate Summer Hydration

This month at Padbury Pharmacy, our focus is on helping you find your better summer, and that means keeping your family hydrated and healthy. With our old friend the sun finally making the ultimate comeback for 2018, our days are getting longer and those UV rays stronger.


This month we have a variety of hydrating products in store, with options for the whole family. We’ve compiled our top choices for you, so you can celebrate the festive season headache free and healthy!


Hydralyte; in all forms!


Hydralyte is one group of products you’re going to want to stockpile this summer. Our shelves boast an impressive range of flavours and types so there really is something for all occasions. These products not only add a colourful and fruity addition to your water, but they are designed to replace the electrolytes and water lost when your body experiences dehydration.

Dehydration or loss of fluids can occur more than you even realise, especially during these warmer months. Hours spent in the sun, whether it be playing or spectating summer sports, swimming, celebrating Christmas parties, or even working, can all zap you of those vital electrolytes required to keep your body happy.

Our Effervescent Tablets are easy to throw into a bag, and even easier to pop into a bottle or glass of water to activate the goodness. With flavours Apple Blackcurrant, Strawberry Kiwi and Lemon Lime to choose from in store, everyone can keep their favourites on hand this summer.



Top tip; drink one prior to and when returning home from a big night or after enjoying a few drinks throughout the silly season. One of the biggest aggravators of a hangover is dehydration, so keep your body hydrated and you should feel fresh as a daisy the morning after.

The Flavoured Ice Blocks, or icy poles as we commonly call them, are a great way to get those electrolytes back into busy kids. School holidays can mean swimming lessons, summer sports (we’re looking at you cricket), playdates and just a general flurry of activity. Getting kids to drink enough water for the day can be hard enough, let alone when their time is filled with fun! Entice them with these Ice Blocks, available in various flavours, and they’ll never know that their favourite icy treat is actually good for them.

You can also choose from Powdered Sachets, perfect for travel and hydration at altitude, and Ready To Use 1L Solutions which make great pantry additions for a growing family.


If you need an added incentive to stay hydrated this summer, why not pick up one of the stylish reusable bottles that our friends at Alex Junior are stocking? There are colours for the whole family to choose from. Plus, they make for great stocking fillers this Christmas!



And if you’ve indulged in a little too much Christmas ‘spirit’, never fear, because our Panadol and Nurofen shelves are always stocked full and ready to help combat that pesky hangover when you have neglected your hydration.



If you want to pick up the best options to keep the whole family hydrated this summer, head in-store and speak to our team about solutions to help you find your better summer.