Prevent sickness this winter!

There are two things that all people want for their lives, and those two things are happiness and health. At Padbury Pharmacy, our passion is your health and we’ll work tirelessly to ensure your family is always feeling 100%. However, sometimes it’s inevitable that we get sick. The flu gets passed around the office or the kids come home with a bug from school. From time to time, it happens. But what we want to ensure is that we all take the right preventative measures so that we’re avoiding sickness as much as possible. Here are several easy steps that we should all incorporate into our lives to make sure that our bodies and our immune systems stay strong and healthy and that we’re protected from everything from the common flu to more serious diseases.


It’s no secret that exercise is a crucial element to the overall strength and wellbeing of our bodies. Exercise not only strengthens our muscles and bones; it also helps us maintain a healthy weight. Keeping your body mobile and active is so important to prevent heart disease by lowering blood pressure, controls cholesterol, improves circulation and much more. It also helps to prevent bodily pain over time such as back pain or joint pain.


It’s important that we’re eating the right things to give our bodies the nutrients and strength that it needs to ward off disease and illness. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is great for preventative healthcare, as well as whole grains for good fiber intake to reduce the risk of bowel cancer. Limit your intake of red meat, dairy and fat to prevent bowel cancer and heart disease. Keep your intake of sugar and bad fats to a minimum as they encourage unhealthy weigh gain and diseases, and contain little to no nutritional value.

Check ups

Have regular health check-ups with your GP and be on the front foot about any concerns or questions regarding your health. This important at every stage of life as priorities and health risks will change at each one. It’s important in these check-ups to update your medical history, follow up on any problems that have already been identified, and seek advice on any new health concerns you may have. Think of it the same way you would get your car serviced periodically to prevent it breaking down.


In addition to regular check-ups, it’s a great idea to regularly partake in health screenings. Ask your health care practitioner how often you should attend these based on your history and health concerns. This includes updating your immunisations and flu shots, having regular dental check-ups, vision check-ups, mole scans to prevent skin cancers as well as cancer screenings and diagnostics tests. These have been proved to save lives by detective cancers or tumors, where no symptoms have been detected. Ask your health care practitioner which ones are necessary for you and the risks involved.

These easy steps can help us stay healthy for longer and prevent unnecessary health problems. It is essential be proactive when it comes to our healthcare and treat our bodies with respect.