Product of the Month: Ethical Nutrients

Ethical Nutrients’ range of health products has filled the shelves and homes of Australians for many years now, and is a trusted name in the market. They offer a wide variety of products to address a multitude of health aspects. Three highlights in their range are Inner Health Plus, Immune Defence and Zinc Fix. These offer support to crucial aspects of everyday health, particularly in the cold winter months – flu season!


You’re probably familiar with the blue character – the Inner Health Plus mascot from the advertisements. The range of Inner Health products offers something for everybody. Perhaps most recognisable is the original Inner Health Plus product, aiding the maintenance of a healthy gastro-intestinal and digestive system.

What’s more, Inner Health Plus contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus, a strain of probiotic exclusive to Australia and New Zealand Health World products. This scientifically validated strain is strong enough to stay alive and potent in the harsh conditions of the digestive tract, therefore increasing its efficacy in the body.

Taking a course of antibiotics can disrupt the balance of good to bad bacteria in the gastro-intestinal system. Inner Health Plus aids in maintaining this balance, whilst promoting general wellbeing and a normal healthy immune system.

Also available in the Inner Health range: Inner Health for Kids and Inner Health Immune Booster (Adults & Kids).


As we grind through the cold and flu season, it is crucial to ensure we look after ourselves and support our immune system. Ethical Nutrients’ Immune Defence is a product specifically formulated to enhance the ability of your immune system to ward off illnesses that are particularly prevalent at this time of year. Containing Siberian Ginseng, Echinacea, Turmeric and “King of Bitters”, Immune Defence supports the healthy function of your immune system if taken once daily, whilst reducing the duration and severity of colds when taken twice daily.


Another great supplement to assist in getting through the winter months is Ethical Nutrients’ Zinc Fix. Available in Raspberry of Orange flavour, this product contains absorbable zinc powder for the treatment of nutritional zinc deficiencies, and also incorporates Vitamin C for immune support. Overall, Zinc support offers a range of benefits, including maintenance of healthy hair and nails, reduction in the duration and severity of colds and upper respiratory tract infections, and even assist in the management of minor wounds and cuts.

Managing your health in winter need not be a burden when you can pick up this great selection of Ethical Nutrients product at Padbury Pharmacy to keep you fighting fit when the weather gets cold. Come on in and check out our other products in the Ethical Nutrients range to give yourself the best chance of surviving winter cold and flu free this year.