Product of the Month Para’kito

Summer in Western Australia means sunny mornings at the beach, long days lazing in the parks and balmy summer nights. Sounds heavenly right? Well brace yourself for a rough night if you dare leave those windows open for a nice breeze. Enter the dreaded mosquito!

And then there’s Para’kito. This nifty little gadget is Padbury Pharmacy’s product of the month and the answer to all your mosquito related prayers! Coming in the form of either a clip or a band, these little beauties mask the human scent to detract those pesky mosquitos from your sweet, sweet blood.

How It Works

Using essential oils that are emitted from the clip or band, Para’kito reduces your mosquito appeal so that you can enjoy all the joys of the season out in the beautiful West Australian climate. It’s protection that lasts all day long and is all natural and organic, so it’s absolutely safe for pregnant women, children, as well as those with sensitive skin or those who suffer from skin allergies. The Para’kito range will work in any climate so when you’re heading off for that summer holiday overseas, make sure you pack one for yourself and the kids. And if you’re still not convinced, these babies are waterproof as well so there’s no need to fret when you’re in and out of the pool.

Clip or Band?

Both great options, the clip can easily be hooked onto your backpack, your clothes, a pram or even above the hammock in the backyard. These clips are small but they pack a punch at those unwanted blood suckers. A single pellet is placed in the front netting and will protect you for 15 whole days! These guys are so versatile, and come in every colour under the sun, you could have one for every room in the house!

Then there’s also the Para’kito band. The bands come in a range of different prints and colours so there’s something for everyone with these. They’re lightweight, stylish and of course portable, so you’re covered wherever you go. The band is adjustable so they’ll fit both you and the kids and like the clip, they could also be hooked onto a pram, bag or around the house. Both options come with two 15 day pellets and all products are refillable so they’ll last you a lifetime.

If you have any questions about the Para’kito range, come in to Padbury Pharmacy and ask any of our friendly staff for help.