Protecting Your Skin This Summer

As a community, we know you are always looking for the best ways to protect your family’s skin from the sun’s summer rays, and with our December campaign in full swing, we’re sharing with you our favourite products designed to protect you this season.


Ego Sunsense Sunscreen Range


This range features products designed for different purposes, from Junior, to Sports and Daily Face, but without a doubt our favourite is the Sensitive range.


It’s perfect for the whole family, suitable from ages 0 and up, having been tried and tested by Australian paediatricians. It’s SPF 50+ rating means it’s great for a deep protection, as we all know keeping our skin healthy starts with prevention! The sensitive nature of the cream also means it’s suitable for all skin types, drying with an invisible, fragrance free finish.


Above all this, it’s Steve’s sunscreen of choice for his own growing family, meaning you can trust that the products we recommend are Padbury Pharmacy preferred.



Blackmores Insolar Vitamins


When you think of protecting your skin this summer, you can be forgiven for overlooking the value of a vitamin. However, Blackmores Insolar is a high dose Vitamin B3 formula designed to support DNA skin repair, meaning it’s looking after your long-term skin health and preventing any further damage! These dermatologist recommended, vitamin rich tablets generate energy production within your skin cells, as well as sustaining your skin’s overall health. Take once daily and future you will thank you.



Le Tan Fake and Gradual Tanner


Whether you’re a fake tan rookie, or you’re constantly coated, we love the Le Tan tanning range as an alternative to laying out this summer. While there’s no denying the popularity of a bronzed glow in the warmer months, there’s overwhelming research to ward us against sizzling our skin under the sun’s UV rays. Cue the gradual tanning solutions!


Our in-store range features the Uber Glow Gradual Tanning Lotion, which is suited for all skin tones and great when applied daily to build up a natural looking. We also stock the Uber Glow Foaming Tan which can be applied with a mitt and needs only three hours to develop. Choose from green based, violet based, or ash based depending on your skin tone.


All Le Tan products are also Australian made, not tested on animals and Vegan certified, making them an all-round winner in our eyes!



Parakito Insect Repellent Band


Last but not least, protecting your skin doesn’t just have to mean from the sun this summer. Tis also the season for those pesky mosquitoes to make their annual appearance. And while it wouldn’t be summer without the smell of citronella in the air, who wants to be coated in sticky and smelly insect repellent? We certainly don’t, and we know the kids don’t either!


The Parakito range of wrist bands are suitable for adults and children and can be subtly worn around the wrist or ankle to keep biting insects at bay. Their mixture of naturally sourced ingredients means these bands are friendly for all skin types and don’t contain the harsh chemicals that our typical insect repellents can so often irritate our skin with.


At Padbury Pharmacy we have a selection of styles and designs for all, so there won’t be any tantrums about who wants what!




There you have it! Our favourite products for ultimate skin protection and damage prevention this summer. If you want to know more about our selection, come in store and speak to our staff. Let us help you find your better summer.