Stay healthy this winter

Along with the cooler weather, winter also brings cold and flu season. Taking small steps towards better health makes it easier to avoid viruses and ensure you and your family is in top health for the cold season.

One way to stay healthy this winter is by having the flu vaccination. The flu virus is particularly problematic for the elderly and pregnant, as well as people with any underlying medial conditions. As the strains of the flu virus changes regularly it’s important to keep up-to-date with the vaccinations, which change their formula each year. The flu vaccination is safe to have and it contains no live virus. It is also safe for pregnant women to receive during all stages of pregnancy. The flu vaccination is available in store at Padbury Pharmacy. If you have not already had your flu shot for the forthcoming winter season, please give us a call as we’d love to see you.

However, having the flu vaccination is not the only option for staying healthy during winter. Simple diet changes can help to boost your intake of vitamins and minerals whilst keeping your food intake balanced and nourishing. Most fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamin C and other minerals and antioxidants so now is the time to increase your intake. Vitamin C, Echinacea, Elderberry and Zinc are some of the more commonly recommended supplements to combat the winter colds and flus.

Similarly, including probiotics into your family’s diet will also help to aid healthy gut health and a strong immune system. Including natural yogurt or fermented fruits and vegetables, such as kimchi or kombucha, will help you have more probiotics in your diet, strengthening your immune system. Probiotic supplements can also be taken via tablet or capsule for a more convenient option.

Make the most of your times indoors by boosting your immune system. Spending time with other people will help to strengthen your immune system and make you less likely to catch an unwanted virus this winter. Embrace the cold weather and enjoy a dinner party or games night with friends while helping to ward off any future viruses.

However, don’t spend all your time indoors this winter. Even though the weather is cold, it is still important to stay active to promote a healthy cardiovascular system and promote circulation throughout the body. Going for walks and runs outdoors will help you to up your vitamin D intake during winter which is important for good bone health and immunity.

Cutting down your caffeine intake and upping your water intake will also help you to stay hydrated and healthy. If you want a warm drink consider switching to herbal tea to ensure you and your family are getting your fluid intake this winter.

Even small steps can help to prevent colds and viruses during the winter. Ensuring you and your family take small steps like washing your hands thoroughly and keep your house clean and sanitary will help prevent the spread of germs. Every change you and your family can make takes you one step closer to being happier and healthier this winter.