The Adventures of Alex- Summer Edition

Here at Padbury, family is number one. We pride ourselves on working tirelessly to ensure you and you families are healthy and happy. And these values definitely apply to our own families as well! I’m sure many of you have seen little Alex roaming around the store or in and out of Facebook Live videos, we’re always inundated with our wonderful customers asking for Alex updates, so here it is straight from the horses’ mouth! Turns out being almost two isn’t as easy as it looks…

I only eat at Perth’s coolest restaurants, which is why when Papou wanted to get lunch, I told him we had to go to Odyssea Beach Café! That way we could go for a swim at the beach after. Did you know that my Papou is Santa?

My Grandad came to visit me all the way from Sydney over Christmas! We like to pull silly faces in photos to be funny.

Mum and Dad couldn’t get me out of the pool this summer! This is me with my favourite toucan floaty!

Here’s me chillin’ out in the backyard with Dad. He better watch out!

Santa got me this awesome 3-wheeler bike for Christmas! I love cruising around town on this!

Me and Tash are best friends forever! We hang out around the house or go for walks to the park all the time.

Mum and Dad went to stay at the new Crown Towers for a night while my Grandad was in town. Luckily they let me have a swim in the huge pool though!

Like son, like father. My Dad is the best!