The Alpaca Machine

Welcome to Padbury Pharmacy. A friendly Steve Litas greets you at the door, you take a browse around the store for a couple of minutes, and before you know it, our Alpaca has all of your prescriptions ready to go.  


Wait, what? An Alpaca did we just say? Yes, you read that correctly. Except we’re not talking about the fluffy, four-legged kind you may find at a child’s birthday party. We’re talking about our state of the art, medical packing machine.  


This revolutionary, semi-automatic robot machine is highly accurate when it comes to sorting your medications, producing ‘Medico Paks’ containing each individual’s required medications in one neatly air tight blister pack.  


We know lots of our community members rely on more than just one type of medication, especially our elderly friends. The amazing key feature of the Alpaca system is that it combines all of your required medications into one neat little package. If you have a loved one that would benefit from a simplified and convenient daily medicine routine, this is really the system to change their lives for the better. 


Printed on each package is the day, time and dosage to take, along with the name of the medication, strength and additional details. That means, never again will you or your loved ones need to worry about when or which medication to take, as all the information required is printed for you!  


Going on a holiday? Alpaca my medication!  

This key feature is also great for travel and people who are constantly in and out of airports, as each packet contains all the information required by customs officers when travelling with medications. And with options for weekly or monthly packs, they’re perfectly suited for all types of adventures.  

Our Alpaca machine is a great addition to the Pharmacy and allows us to serve you better and faster! Each packet takes between 1.5 to 3 minutes to pack, and the machine can make up to 30 to 40 packs within the hour.  


Speedy features like this allows our friendly team of pharmacists the chance to fill scripts for the Padbury community much more efficiently than ever before. It means our valuable time can be spent getting to know you, and which medications and health advice will be of the most benefit.  


Regardless of who you are, utilising the benefits of the Alpaca machine can really give to anyone a new-found sense of independence and control over your medication and health in general.  


For elderly customers, this system is a way to ease the mind of worried family members, who can now rest assured that the medication process is as simplified and easy to remember as ever.  


Taking care of your loved ones has never been easier. Next time you’re in store, ask our team how you can get started using the Alpaca system, and never look back!