The Pharmacist’s Wife

So why is it that I, whom has no experience in writing, and hated English at school, has now decided to start writing in public forums in the means of this blog!? Am I crazy? Stupid? Or just letting my ‘baby brain’ get the best of me…?

That’s right. I’m 35 weeks pregnant and so excited to meet our baby boy! I’m one of those annoying pregnant people who have been lucky enough to have a dream pregnancy (so far). While I haven’t suffered with the typical pregnancy symptoms many others do, I’ve definitely learnt my fair share on the whole experience, and done countless hours of research into ‘baby essentials’, routines, feeding etc. These are just some of the things I look forward to sharing with you through this blog.

A little more about me… I’m an Occupational Therapist and practiced in the area of soft tissue therapy for 6 years. I have a special interest in health and wellbeing (sounds corny I know), but I feel strongly about the mind-body connection and how this can affect all aspects of physical, mental and emotional health.
I’m a bit of a sucker for ‘trends’ and got caught up in the whole ‘sugar-free’, healthy eating business too. The fact that I’m a sugar-holic doesn’t help, so while I’ve tried and tested different fads I’m also extremely content with where I’m at and my philosophies on eating and exercise.

So with all that in mind, why did I feel the urge to write a blog? I hear stories every night about the comings and goings of the Pharmacy… especially all the mums that come in searching for help and answers that so many other medical and health professionals are unable to help with (or help unsuccessfully). I feel so lucky and proud when Steve comes home and tells me a story about a young boy who he made a special cream for and helped clear a rash. Or a new mum whom he spent 45 minutes with explaining about why her baby has colic and what can be done to help.
I’ve learnt so much from Steve and I’d like to share some of the information, along with my own knowledge on all things health, wellness, nutrition, exercise, and now… baby too! Follow my journey as I move into the end of pregnancy and start my next new exciting chapter…. Motherhood!

I completely welcome all comments and feedback and look forward to sharing my thoughts and advice with you.