The story of Padbury


Padbury Pharmacy has now been established for over 20 years, and with each passing year, it continues to grow from strength to strength.


Since Steven Litas took over the family business, he has continued to provide a service that keeps his customers coming back for more.


This outstanding service has led to a specific market of Mums and Bubs, quality health care and now, a space for people to meet.


This brought about the beginning of Alex Junior, named after Steve and wife Simone’s son, who incidentally was named after Padbury’s founder Alex.


According to Steve, the inspiration behind opening Alex Junior came about as defining a point of difference within the market.


“It was the desire to expect the unexpected and do what everyone else isn’t,” he said.


He feels that with this mind frame, combined with creating a place where people feel comfortable to receive help with their health in a warm home-like environment, that they can make a real difference within the community.


Essentially, it’s about creating a customer experience that brings people back time and time again.


Since the opening of Alex Junior, there has been a shift in the customers who visit Padbury.


There has been an increase of people who see the space as a place where they can meet, catch up and get quality health services all at once.


Steve said the energy has come to life throughout the pharmacy and Alex Junior.


“It’s created a positive energy, new and existing customers are wanting to come back and returning for all services, whether its health care or a social cup of coffee,” he said.


This has led customers to have a more uplifting experience, which is what the whole project has been about; service that comes with an experience.


Alex Junior is continuing to become a prominent feature of the Padbury pharmacy family.


Beginning with an exquisite coffee and some feel good food, such as the naughty slice or the organic raw ball.


This is then complimented by incorporating a retail space, with a focus on mums and bubs. So while customers wait for their morning coffee they are able to browse the shelves.


The environment has truly evolved into a place where people can meet, shop, receive health advice and enjoy a coffee on the go.


When asking Steve what his favourite part about having a space like this, he responded that he gets to work there.


“I’ve created a place where I love coming and that others want to come and enjoy the same feeling. And that’s what I hope the customers experience too,” he said.


Thing are all looking up for the team at Padbury Pharmacy and the possibility of expanding in the future is perhaps on the horizon.


According to Steve, it’s a mystery.


“All remains to be seen.”