Top 5 Places to Workout This Summer!

It’s 6am. You’ve forgotten your swipe card and your pump class started 7 minutes ago.

Knowing full well you left it on the kitchen bench alongside the kid’s lunches and an invitation to yet another birthday party, you decide to wait it out until a fellow early bird gym goer comes to your rescue.

Finally! After a long pause and uncertain glance from your knight in shining Lululemon gear, you’re in!

Now to assure the girl behind the desk whose mouth is uttering the phrase good morning, but eyes tell a story of a big night out followed by an all too short few hours of sleep, that you’ve left your proof of membership at home, and are actually a paying member of the facility.

No wonder people dread exercise!

Skip the sweat stained seats and broken barbells this summer, Perth! Get outside and find your 30.

Here are our top 5 places to get your sweat on this summer!

Image credit: Buggy Buddys

  • City Beach

Let’s face it, anywhere you choose to workout along the West Australian coastline is going to be idyllic this time of year. However, City Beach provides fitness fanatics more than just a view. Without the hassle of crowded gym equipment, this picturesque location is home to an amphitheatre with stairs big enough to get your hamstrings burning, and your heart rate up!

Image credit: Scoop

  • Rooftop yoga

Whether it’s aerial yoga, Bikram yoga or yoga of the restorative variety, there’s no denying the huge benefits that taking a moment in your day to relax and reset your mind (and body) will have on your overall health. Run in Northbridge, rooftop yoga is the perfect way to start your day!

Image credit: Perth Now

  • Jacob’s Ladder

An oldie but a goodie! Jacob’s Ladder has been go-to for cardio junkies for decades. Originally built in 1909 as a means for the residents of Mount Street to access Cliff Street, it has since become one of the most popular spots to repeatedly endure all 242 steps for an amazing view of Perth city.

Image credit: Cycle Perth

  • Lake Monger

Wetland meets suburbia at Lake Monger. The flat surface means your kids can safely ride their bikes, scooters or roller blades around the 3.5km distance, making Lake Monger the perfect location for busy parents who like to combine their workouts with family time. Runners, dog walkers and cyclists can be seen trailing the circumference at all hours of the day throughout summer!

  • Steve’s top place to workout!

The epitome of good health, Pharmacist Steve is all about the incidental exercise on top of his regular workout regime. Bike rides around the suburbs of Mt Hawthorn aren’t complete for Steve without Baby Alex, whose legs are just a little shy of reaching the pedals for a tandem bike at the moment!

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, nor does a work out at the gym qualify as the only valid form of physical activity. We’re so fortunate to have these beautiful locations in Perth, make the most of them this summer!