Who is Your Breath of Fresh Air?

We know all about how hard it is to stay healthy in Winter. When nothing else seems to be relieving your cold and flu symptoms, Vicks Steam Vaporiser can help to relieve some of the stress on your respiratory system and keep the air you breathe free from bacteria.

Think about how good it feels to breathe in warm steam when your sinuses are all blocked up? The moisture and humidity added by a Vicks Vaporiser helps to loosen up mucus for those chesty colds, and relieve soreness for dry coughs.

At Padbury Pharmacy, we especially recommend vaporisers for children and infants during the cold and flu season, and this winter we are giving you the chance to WIN one of your own.

We all have someone in our lives who when we see them just completely lifts our mood, even when we are sick – and we want to celebrate them!

To enter, simply head to our Facebook page and tell us who your breath of fresh air is, send through a private message with your name, email and phone number and you could WIN a Vicks Vaporiser to help your family through Winter!


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