World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day has been a global initiative for mental health education since 1992. Falling on October 10th every year this campaign has steadily gained traction on a global scale, helping to advocate against the social stigma that once surrounded mental health issues worldwide.


The world is changing at such a rapid pace, a new age of technology is born and with it comes a new age of mental challenges. These challenges are especially taxing on the mental health of Australia’s young adults, at an age when serious mental illnesses can occur. World Mental Health Day 2018 has pulled focus onto these young people and the challenges they face today and in the future – giving the information and help they need to grow up healthy, happy and resilient.


Health and wellness are at the core of our business here at Padbury Pharmacy. We spend much of our day looking after our clients and their families’ physical ailments, helping the body to stay healthy and active – but we can help your mental health too.


We know just how important mental health is to your overall wellbeing, a healthy body cannot function without a healthy mind. Our Padbury family is avidly supporting and promoting the need for mental health education and awareness, this is why during October you will find our own mental health initiative instore.


To coincide with World Mental Health Day our campaign ‘Find Your Better Self’ aims to support the mental health of our community. Throughout this month, our initiative will span from our website and social spaces, to the physical in-store experience, where our staff are on hand to assist with any mental health questions you have, for yourself and your loved ones.

Mental illness can take many forms and affects people in different ways, knowing that no two people are the same our staff are equipped with the knowledge to be able to recommend products, resources and coping tactics. We also have open arms, ears and a great space to relax and unwind in Alex Junior.


If you don’t have time to come in store and talk to us in person, keep an eye out on our socials for recommendations and tips from Steve to help assist you with your mental health. We will be showcasing a variety of products that will help ensure that you can find your better self.


The figures show that nearly half of Australians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime, it’s impossible to ignore the need to educate everyone as these disorders don’t discriminate. Our aim for the month is to start an open conversation and keep mental health front of mind.


For more information on how we can help, products and resources visit us instore or click here to download our relaxation resources.