Wotnot- Eco-friendly, bio-degradable and organic products

Looking after your little one’s health is a top priority and that’s why Steve makes sure he uses Wotnot Naturals baby products on little Alex.

Wotnot has been producing skin and baby products for over 10 years making Wotnot well and truly an authority on caring for young skin. It was developed by mothers Sinead Roberts and Sioned Guard and it is natural, organic, eco-certified and cruelty free so you can ensure you can be kind to your baby’s skin whilst being kind to the environment as well.

Wotnot’s baby range features everything from gentle sunscreen to baby wash and biodegradable baby wipes – ensuring all of your baby’s skin needs are covered. Its products also feature certified organic aloe vera, which soothes and protects young skin without any of the nasty ingredients often found in products from other brands.

Many of the Wotnot products are free from artificial fragrances and preservatives. Instead, Wotnot chooses to use Naticide, which is one of the few natural preservatives approved by Australian Certified Organic. Wotnot’s baby wipes are also biodegradable and compostable so they’re much more gentle on the environment. A large number of Wotnot products are free from harsh and irritating ingredients like sulfates, petrochemicals, parabens, glycols and chlorine making them the perfect natural alternative for your young ones.

Best of all- Wotnot is a brand you can trust. Wotnot’s Biodegradable Baby Wipes won the Organic Expo Gold Medal in 2010 and its SPF 30+ Sunscreen and Baby Sunscreen was the Nature Health winner in 2013.

Wotnot also makes products perfect for the rest of the family. Wotnot Teen facial wipes, which feature gentle yet affective ingredients like organic pink grapefruit and papaya, are perfect for managing problematic teenage skin. Wotnot’s facial wipes for women are infused with organic apricot and rosehip, which nourish dryer skin. The Wotnot vegan makeup brushes are the perfect cruelty-free product for the family fashionista. Even pets are covered with the Wotnot biodegradable pet bags!

A percentage of sales from Wotnot products also go to Bear Cottage, which benefits kids suffering from terminal illness. Bear Cottage provides a home-like environment to these children and families so families can rest while their loved ones undergo medical treatment.

Wotnot’s affordable products and ethical values are the perfect way to take care of your family and your skin, while you rest assured you are also taking care of the environment and are protecting it for your children to enjoy in the future.